Glow-worm Combi

If you are looking for a Glow Worm Boiler, you have come to the right place. Unsure about which boiler to choose? No problem, we can help. Looking for additional information on a recent purchase? Perfect, we have comparative data for many types. In need of a troubleshooting manual? At your service with a downloadable manual!

Glow Worm

As of 2001, Glow Worm was acquired by Valliant, the second biggest heating company in Europe. With innovation in the heating industry, new technologies are constantly underway so that customers can enjoy the highest efficiency and savings.

Glow Worm by way of The Valliant Group provides exceptionable and durable combi boilers, all of which are designed as a modern energy solution for any sized home. The boilers are all produced at a state of the art manufacturing place located in Derbyshire. With a wide range of products, it is easy to find a combi boiler that best fits your needs.
Valliant has earned a reputation as a boiler supplier with a range of “EcoTEC” boilers, which are reliable and low cost heating sources. These systems are not only reliable but easy to install. The easy installation reduces the overall investment cost and the reliability reduces long term maintenance costs. While price is normally directly proportioned to quality, in this case, low price does not mean low quality. In fact, it means high quality and long term savings.

Choosing Glow Worm

Glow Worm is a reputable company having operated for over 75 years. As pioneers among heating solutions in the UK, every product put forth by this company is focused on reliability, high efficiency, and customers first. It is this ideal which has allowed the company to reach such a leading role among heating manufacturers. Working with consumers, Glow Worm has an easy calculator to determine the ideal boiler for your property based on its age, size, insulation grading, type, the number of radiators, and what floor—if you live in an apartment. What’s more, they offer troubleshooting assistance and replacement parts.

Common Issues

Like all boilers, Glow Worm boilers have common issues easily rectified at home. At times air gets trapped, debris clogs filters, and low water pressure starts happening within the circuit. These issues are easily overcome by simply cleaning the system or bleeding air from the radiator. The mains valve is the perfect place to put water back into the system, should it be necessary.

If you are not qualified to operate on the boilers, please call a specialist with proper qualifications, experience, and registration.


Use this troubleshooting guide is you have any issues with your boiler panel. With your Glow Worm Combi boiler you will receive an Owner’s Manual which should come in handy if you experience any issues. If you experience issues under the scope of your warranty, you can return the boiler to the place of purchase or the dealer for assistance.

Overall, if you are looking for high quality and a great long term investment, pick a Glow Worm Boiler!

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