Glow warm Betacom F61 and F64

Hi Guys,

I have a Glow warm boiler, the Betacom model, it is 4 years old, and I service it annually so I didn’t experience any issues with it. Actually a service guy was here 2 weeks ago, and it looks like the begining of my trouble with the boiler, because since then every now and then it is showing errors F61 or F64, but restating helps. I am just worried that one day it won’t… Any thoughts what may cause faulty functionality here?


Hi Tom,

Sometimes during the service work- guys take of the front panel, cleans some parts- maybe simply a PCB connecting cable got trapped when putting back boiler together. Actually it is not so rare as you may thing. I would call this service guy asking him to come, explain what is happening, and ask him to check for the trapped cable. If that won’t be the case then the PCB itself will need to be replaced, but I really vote for the cable.